Creative Storytelling Workshop for Kids 3-6 yrs in Küsnacht

Creative Storytelling Workshop for Kids 3-6 yrs in Küsnacht Easter is just around the corner and we will be busy preparing gorgeous Easter decorations inspired by Julia Donaldson's darling book "The Rhyming Rabbit".

Our educational Saturday Workshops for kids enable children to discover the world through inspiring books and story-telling sessions, develop their creative talents and connect with others!

Parents are welcome to drop-off their kids for an hour and go do their Saturday morning thing, whilst we take care of the youngsters in an educational and fun way: discovering the wonders of some truly magical books and engaging in creative activities - YAY!

Location: Every 3rd Saturday of each month: Pip Squeak Book Store in Küsnacht

• Gorgeous Child-Friendly Venue
• Book reading session for the kids
• Book themed explorational & interactive activities
• Creative activities for kids
• All necessary arts and crafts supplies and materials
Be sure to RSVP here:


17.03.2018 10:00 - 11:00  Uhr


Ferienangebote Workshop Anderes Zürich 3-4 Jahre 5-7 Jahre


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Pip Squeak Book Shop, Dorfstrasse 13, 8700 Küsnacht




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